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Gents Registration


🏴Up coming programs at Idara🏴

(For All programs & daily prayers Idara is open without any age restrictions)

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If you would like to sponsor any program, please contact Idara EC.

We request you to attend our Khamsa held for the youth and everyone else of all ages, and partake in the Azadari of Imam Hussain (a) with us.

💬 Imam Sajjad (a): The Everlasting Pillar of Resistance
🗓️ 19-23rd September 2021
📍Idara-e-Jaaferiya Tooting SW17 9PP

📋Schedule for 19/09/21:
On time — Maghreb
19:55 — Hadees-e-Kisa
20:10 — Soz/Salam
20:30 — Speech
21:10 — Noha
Niaz will be distributed.

Inshallah we see you all there in good health, and please remember to take precautions before participating.

Jazakallah and take care,

Jaaferiya Youth

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