Idara Funeral Services:

Idara-e-Jaaferiya has facilities of Ghusl Mayyiat (Dead body bath) onsite and Freezers are also available to store the body.

For details and arrangements please contact Ehsan Raza 07802603613 Hamid Raza on 07932 681 456 


Burial Services:

BAGH-E-ZEHRA TRUST (Brookwood Cemetry)

Glades House, Cemetery Pales, Brookwood,

Woking, Surrey GU24 0BL

Contact Telephone
Mr Asad Shaidy 07973 559038
Mr Rizwan Shah 07782 224388
Safdar Ali 07977 104674


WADI-SALAM (Streatham)

Waadi-Al-Salaam is situated in South London Cemetery
Rowan Road
London SW16 5JG

Contact Telephone
Dr. Asad Baig 07739 918145
S.M. Shabbar 020 8241 3177

Important notes regarding the funeral and the dead body:

Documents Required for dead body release and burial:


Issued by the Hospital (if deceased passed away whilst at hospital) or by the Coroner (if deceased passed away at home)


Issued by the Registrar (usually the Births and Deaths registrar) at the local town hall

This is required by the undertaker to secure release of the body of the deceased and is issued only if death certificate is provided