Ladies Registration – Evening Program

Month of Ramzan ul Mubarakh in Idara e Jaaferiya
⚠️Idara E Jaaferiya will open, with a limited capacity for everyone including children and elders.⚠️

Please support Idara by sponsoring any program or Iftari. Those who use to sponsor Iftari on a regular basis please contact Idara EC.

Daily Ramzan programs with Dua e Iftetah & Dars, Jamat Namaz e Maghrabain Following Iftar Distribution

6:30 PM Daily Online Quran Classes.
7:30 PM Dua e Iftetha
7:40 PM Daily Dars – Topic: Surah Hujraat
Jamat Maghrabain Prayers on actual time.

Please Note: Daily Iftar will be distributed

The Idara will continue to remain open for all daily Salah. We will review this regularly and the risk levels will be determined by the attendee’s adherence to the rules. Please ensure you strictly follow the rules below when coming to the Idara:

1- Write your name and contact number on our datasheet when entering
2- Wear a face mask covering your NOSE and MOUTH at all times
3- SANITIZE your hands using the hand gel provided when entering the Idara
4- Bring your own personal prayer mat & Turbah
5- Bring a bag for your shoes
6- Pray in the marked areas only
7- Maintain a social distance of 1m+ at all times
8- Do not congregate inside or outside
9- Do not come to the Idara if you display any cold-like symptoms
10- Do not come to the Idara if you have been in contact with someone you know has symptoms or has tested positive for Covid-19

We appreciate your support to follow these rules so that we can keep the Idara open for the community insha’Allah.

We urge all of you to follow the instructions mention by Idara’s Volunteers and EC.

If you like to Sponsor any program, Iftari or donate towards the Ramzan fund.
Please use the link below and Quote: Ramzan

Bank Transfer to Natwest
Account Name: Idara-e-Jaaferiya
Account Number: 2756-5351

Idara Executive Committee.