Code of Conduct


Maintenance of Discipline at Idara-e-Jaaferiya

All visitors coming to Idara’s and personal programs are required to maintain discipline within the premises and outside.

1. Noise levels are required to be kept at minimum and avoid sitting in groups away from the main program.

2. Visitors should follow the sequence of the program as published and avoid actions that may delay the proceedings

3. Entrance to the kitchen area is for authorized persons only

4. Zanjeer matam or any other form of self-flagellation is not allowed inside the Idara premises 18 Church Lane SW17 9PP. This is due to Health and Safety and Buildings and Public Liability insurance restrictions

5. Idara’s ladies and gents entrances are not ‘drop off areas’ please park the car legally before entering Idara. For disabled visitors this rule may be relaxed.

6. Visitors are not allowed to stand outside the idara for long periods in groups causing inconvenience to other members of the public

7. No material is to be distributed to the congregations without the approval of Executive Committee

8. Considering the fact that people from all sects visit Idara, all visitors should avoid behaviours that hurt other religions’ or sects’ feelings.

9. Niaz distributions should be agreed with the Idara Executive Committee at least 2 days in advance

10. Any threatening or inappropriate behaviour to any other visitor or Idara Executive Committee will not be tolerated at all.

11. Idara Microphone can only be used upon Executive Committee authorisation

12. Donations for Idara can only be collected by/handed over to Executive Committee members

13. Unauthorised Video recording is not allowed within Idara premises.

14. Inciting religious hatred, divisive slogans or any form of hate speech against an individual or group (including against ethnic groups) will not be tolerated and will be immediately reported to the police.


If anyone is found violating the code of conduct stated above the following actions will be taken in order:

Stage 1: A warning will be given to the concerned male or female visitor explaining their actions and a polite request to re-consider their behaviour.

Stage 2: A Letter will be issued explaining their actions with copy to local authorities and the police.

Stage 3: If the non-acceptable behaviour continues, membership of the individual will be cancelled (if they are a current or life member) , the matter will be referred to the police for public disorder and legal action may be taken for which they will bear the full costs.